Why Conduct Automated Phone Polls?

For many surveys, automated phone polls are an excellent option for companies, organizations, and candidates.

Automated phone polls are programmed to provide respondents with a pleasant survey experience. Every respondent hears clearly stated survey questions followed by easy-to-understand answer options. They then just press the number for the answer option they want, or press 0 if they would like to repeat the question.

Choosing Respondents

With qualifying questions at the beginning of an automated phone survey, you can make sure that only the type of respondents you want take the survey. This is a great way to guarantee that the survey data you get is optimal for your purposes.

Size and Speed

With automated phone surveys, you get to set the exact number of completed surveys that you need. Whether the survey is of your employees, current customers, prospective future customers, or voters in a specific area, you can choose the number of completed surveys that you need and secure those very expediently, as automated phone surveys can be offered to thousands of people in a short period of time.


Automated phone polls can easily accommodate branching questions, which ensure that respondents get new questions that make sense based on their answers to previous questions. This maximizes the response rate, because respondents are getting new questions that apply to them, and thus their interest in continuing the survey is engaged.

One example of this is a political survey that asks respondents a question about supporting a particular program or project. Only those who say Yes to supporting it will get questions about why they support it, while only those who answer No will get questions about why they don’t support it.

Another example is a business survey that asks employees – or customers – a question about a particular product, service, or policy. Respondents who answer that the product, service, or policy is in good shape will move on to the next question, while only those who have disagreements with the product, service, or policy will get follow-up questions about it to determine why they feel the way they do.

Using branching that way, as a part of automated phone surveys, keeps the questions relevant to the respondents while generating in-depth data that can be used to make critical decisions.






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