Market research helps you to successfully focus on your current and future customers by understanding their views on your products and services.

Market research is an indispensable tool for businesses, non-profits, and other organizations to gain information that can help with developing and improving products, better understanding customer sentiment, gaining insights into new and current target markets, analyzing trends and the competition, and much more.

As a full service research company, Triton can conduct market research surveys by virtually any method, including live telephone, automated telephone, web/online, direct mail, and canvassing/door to door.

Market research helps you to successfully focus on your current and future customers by understanding their views on your products and services. The data analysis from market research gives you a clear picture of what your customers want, allowing you to have a competitive edge in your field.


Conducting market research with Triton Polling lets you secure feedback on your products and services from current and potential future customers. A well-crafted market research survey can tell you how they use your products and services, what they believe are the best aspects about them, and what they would most like to see improved or changed.

It can also tell you how to tailor your message to more effectively connect with your target audience, by giving you clear data about the points that resonate with them.

Market research lets you know how customers are responding to what your company offers. It also lets you know their specific reasons for responding as they are, helping you to understand your target market better. With that knowledge, you can formulate effective communications strategies and ensure that your products and services correlate to customer wants and needs. You can also make informed decisions about sales opportunities and areas for growth.


When you conduct market research with Triton Polling, you can benefit from market segmentation, looking at specific subgroups within your target market. You may for example, be particularly interested in how women responded to one set of questions or how men responded to another set.

We provide statistically valid crosstab analysis standard with the results of every Triton Polling market research survey. That ensures that you have an easy-to-reference way to quickly see how different demographic groups respond to each question. We can tailor those as you want, and can include gender, age, ethnicity, income, and other demographic factors as well if you wish.

Additionally, we can also provide data analysis on how respondents answered questions based on considerations like geographic differences. A market research survey may find different patterns of responses from different parts of the country or from different parts of a state or province. Those results can inform where you target your future marketing efforts.

If you offer a range of products or services, a market research survey can also determine how respondents’ answers are affected by the type of product or service that they use the most.


Triton Polling market research surveys can help you to get a very clear picture of where your products and services stand in comparison to your competition. Just as importantly, you can learn why what you offer – or what a competitor offers – is preferred by customers and base your strategy on that information.

Many companies also arrange for follow-up surveys after their first one, so they can gage the effectiveness of changes they make in marketing, products, or services.


Market research is an excellent way to inform the priorities of your company or organization. The data from a Triton Polling market research survey gets you the feedback from your target market that you need to prioritize your time and resources, focusing on areas with the most potential for success.

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