Triton live surveys are conducted in-house at our state of the art live calling facility outside of Bend, Oregon.

Triton Polling & Research is a full-service survey, polling and market research firm based in Bend, Oregon. Triton has helped hundreds of clients win campaigns, sell ideas and develop new strategies. The company’s client list includes organizations in countless industries throughout the nation, from Fortune 500 companies and statewide political campaigns to non-profit organizations to law firms large and small.

Polling & Research Methods

Triton conducts polling and survey research via the following methods

  • Live interview telephone surveys
  • Automated telephone surveys
  • Internet/online surveys
  • Direct mail surveys
  • Canvassing / Door to door / Store front
  • In person interviews; Focus Groups


In-House Capabilities & Expertise

Different than typical polling companies, Triton does not out-source any of its telephone survey fieldwork.  In contrast, Triton owns and operates its own proprietary survey platforms. This gives Triton total control over the entire survey process, ensuring every survey is conducted with the highest possible quality.

Triton’s in-house capabilities include:

  • State-of-the-art, live calling facility in Bend, Oregon. We employ, train, and manage our own team of experienced agents. Triton has developed our own customized live agent software system that is simple for our agents to operate and provides tremendous flexibility to conduct both simple and complex survey questionnaires.
  • Automated calling platform that Triton developed from the ground up to efficiently conduct highly accurate telephone surveys and capture data from a unified platform.
  • Internet based online surveys are developed and run directly from our own servers.

Surveys that deliver timely, highly valuable results!

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