A Coronavirus Awareness Poll, also known as a COVID-19 Survey, is a special Health Awareness Survey that is especially critical during the current coronavirus pandemic.

It can be sponsored by individuals, businesses and business associations, community organizations, media organizations, hospitals and other medical facilities, academic institutions, and city, county, and state governments.

A Coronavirus Awareness Poll determines what the residents of the area polled understand about the best practices for preventing the disease and its spread, recognizing the symptoms of the disease, and what those who believe that they may have it should do.

This critical information is delivered to the sponsor with full analysis of the results data in easy-to-read crosstabs, so that the sponsor can cross-reference questions and look at responses by demographics like Gender, Age, Ethnicity, and Specific Area.

To maximize affordability, it is conducted as an automated phone poll across a few days, securing a total of either 500 fully completed surveys or 1000 fully completed surveys, depending on the arrangement made with the sponsor about the total before the poll starts.

For the fastest response about conducting a Coronavirus Awareness Poll, email [email protected] directly as soon as possible.


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