Triton live surveys are conducted in-house at our state of the art live calling facility outside of Portland, Oregon.

Triton is Affordable, Accurate and Fast

Triton Polling & Research has broad experience conducting phone surveys for all types of clients, including businesses, non-profits, universities, political campaigns, and more.

Triton offers both live & automated phone surveys. While certain projects require the fine-tuned precision of a live survey, automated surveys are viable option for many different types of surveys. Triton has a decade of experience crafting automated surveys that are fast, accurate and high quality. Each survey project is unqiue, and Triton will assist you every step of the process from questionnaire design to understanding the results.


Automated phone polling & surveys are an affordable and viable option for the vast majority of surveys. Triton’s team has a decade of experience crafting automated surveys that are accurate, high-quality, and fast.

Triton owns and operates its own proprietary automated survey platform. This gives Triton total control over the entire survey process, ensuring that every single survey is conducted at the highest possible quality level.

Triton’s automated calling platform is state of the art and can efficiently conduct highly accurate telephone surveys and capture data from a unified platform. Triton’s automated phone surveys are guaranteed to receive the identical level of attention and care as live interview surveys, and cost 50% to 75% less than live surveys.


Most survey companies contract out their live calling projects and do not operate a live call center of their own. Triton live phone surveys are conducted in-house at our state of the art live calling facility outside of Portland, Oregon. We employ, train, and manage our own team of experienced agents. Triton has developed our own customized live agent software system that is simple for our agents to operate and provides tremendous flexibility to conduct both simple and complex survey questionnaires.

Triton can conduct virtually any type of live survey. In particular, our agents excel at obtaining extemporaneous open ended answers and comments from participants.


Triton has extensive expertise developing sophisticated weighting models to ensure the survey sample is highly representative of the target population. A weighting model is developed for each and every Triton phone survey, large or small.

A testiment to Triton’s accuracy is our 93% accuracy rate during the 2016 political election cycle: Triton successfully predicted the winner in 37 out of 40 political campaigns!


Triton Polling and Research also includes full statistical analysis with the results of every phone survey. This is provided in the form of a graphical summary report and comprehensive crosstabs. The summary report gives you a clear picture of the overall results of your survey in a way that is easy to share with colleagues and clients. The crosstab analysis complements the report by giving you a tool to quickly reference how key groups of respondents – like men, or women, or those in a certain age or income bracket – responded to the questions of your survey.

Surveys that deliver timely, highly valuable results!

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