Triton owns and operates its own proprietary survey platforms.

While certain projects require the fine-tuned precision of a live survey, automated surveys are viable option for vast majority of surveys. Triton has a decade of experience crafting automated surveys that are fast, accurate and high quality.

Different than typical polling companies, Triton does not out-source any of its survey fieldwork. In contrast, Triton owns and operates its own proprietary survey platforms. This gives Triton total control over the entire survey process, ensuring every survey is conducted with the highest possible quality.

Developed from the ground up, Triton’s automated calling platform is state of the art and can efficiently conduct highly accurate telephone surveys and capture data from a unified platform.

Triton’s automated phone surveys receive the identical level of attention and care as live interview surveys–despite costing 50% to 75% less than live surveys.

Surveys that deliver timely, highly valuable results!

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