Isaiah Flair

Chief Operating Officer
    (877) 284-7990

    Isaiah Flair is the Chief Operating Officer of Triton Polling & Research. He has served in that capacity since the founding of the company over ten years ago, and works with the day-to-day operations of the company’s survey systems and polling businesses.

    At Triton Polling & Research, the clients Isaiah works with include corporate executives, consultants, political candidates, nonprofit organizations, and government officials.

    Isaiah works with those clients through every stage in the process, applying a decade of expertise in writing and editing strategic communications, configuring survey systems, programming XML code for IVR polls, and reviewing comprehensive data with clients.

    Currently, Isaiah lives in Washington State near the evergreen forests of the Cascade Mountains and the San Juan Islands archipelago. An outdoors enthusiast, Isaiah enjoys hiking rugged trails and practicing the ancient art of Tai Chi. He is also a premier supporter of the excellent choral music programs and campus sports at Western Washington University.