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Key Personnel

Triton Polling & Research Division

  • President & CEO

    Lee Vasche - Triton Polling & Research

    In 2009, Lee Vasche founded Triton Polling & Research, a full service survey, polling and market research firm with offices in Bend, Oregon, Henderson, Nevada, Bellingham, Washington and Missoula, Montana. Triton has helped hundreds of clients win campaigns, sell ideas and develop communications strategies. The company’s client list includes organizations in countless industries throughout the nation, from Fortune 500 companies and statewide political campaigns to non-profit organizations to law firms large and small.

    Before founding Triton, Lee had extensive experience running telephone outreach programs dating back to 2002. His leadership and technological expertise has been behind some of the narrowest legislative victories in his native Oregon. Lee’s call centers have conducted some of the most detailed and far-reaching survey projects in Oregon’s history.

    Lee has an eclectic mix of talents ranging from statistical analysis to management of advanced telecom systems to political organizing to database administration. In addition to skiing, hiking, scuba diving, and generally enjoying the outdoors, Lee and his wife Courtney frequently leave their home in Bend, OR to travel the world or take trips around the NW.

  • CIO and Operations Director

    Isaiah Flair - Triton Polling & Research

    Isaiah Flair is the Chief Information Officer and Operations Director of Triton Polling & Research. He has served in that capacity since the founding of the company, and works with the day-to-day operations of the company’s polling and automated calling businesses. He has several years of experience in the polling field, working with all types of clients including businesses, academic institutions, non-profits, government, and political candidates. At Triton Polling, Isaiah works with every stage of the process, from editing scripts, to writing the extensible markup language (XML) code for the VoIP applications necessary for automated polls, to producing final reports for clients.

    Currently, Isaiah lives in Washington State near the evergreen forests of the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific Ocean’s San Juan Islands. An outdoors enthusiast, Isaiah enjoys hiking, beach walking, and volleyball. He is also a supporter of campus sports at Western Washington University.

  • National Business Development

    Courtney Chappell Vasche - Triton Polling & Research

    Dan brings a unique blend of sales, marketing and product development experience spanning over 30 years and diverse industries from scientific and financial software, to consumer electronics, market research and political polling. He has played a key role in the successful launch and implementation of a number of products, companies, and services. At Triton Polling Dan helps clients in politics, industry, government and academia get answers to some of their most challenging questions.

  • Web Developer & CTO

    Kyle Haak - SEO Web Design, LLC

    Kyle is the newest member of the Triton team. He has been a tremendous help in taking our company to the next level when it comes to web exposure. He specializes in website design and internet marketing and is the Founder and CEO of his own company, SEO Web Design, LLC.

    In Kyle's spare time you can find him vacationing across the globe, golfing on the links, spending time with friends & family, or religiously rooting for the Portland Trailblazers and Oregon State Beavers.